Trahter Birgit (Tavern Birgit)

The Tavern Birgit is located on the Tallinn-Risti-Virtsu road before the town of Lihula and is the perfect spot to drop by and have a quick lunch on your way to Saaremaa. The log house with its thatched roof attracts the attention of all passers-by.

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  • Pit stop on highway 10

    We were heading to Saarenmaa and wanted to make sure we get something to eat before entering a ferry. Easy access, next to the highway. Not a meal a place you would remember for long, but it did not...

  • Place to eat on your way to Saaremaa

    There's not many places where you can stop for lunch on your way from Tallin to Kuressaare. We stopped here. Food is basic and doesn't cost much. The Restaurant building is pretty tradionall...

  • Good food and low prices

    Good place to eat near Lihula and on the way to Saaremaa. Nice atmosphere in a loghouse. Good food (mainly fried) and low prices.

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