Bicycle route in Saaremaa: Kihelkonna – Leisi

From Kihelkonna, the route takes you to Tagamõisa peninsula.

As an alternative, you can choose to travel towards Kärla. At the beginning of the route, only 3 km from Kihelkonna, you come across Mihkli Farm Museum, which is a typical West Saaremaa farm that has remained intact.

Tagamõisa peninsula offers picturesque views of nature; it is surrounded by Tagalaht Bay in the east and Kihelkonna Bay in the west. A 300 m isthmus connects the north-west corner of the peninsula to Harilaid, which boasts with large sandy areas and a pebble beach.

5 km from Leisi, you arrive at Triigi harbour where you can continue your trip by heading to Hiiumaa. Ferry schedule is available at

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