Kadriorg Art Museum

Kadriorg palace and park is one of the favourite places of tourists and locals. This baroque palace ensemble with grandiose interior, beautiful park and fountains was a gift from tsar Peter the I to his wife Catherine. Ensemble is the extravagant example of tsar's goodness. In the palace there is an exposition of Estonian Art Museum collection of foreign art.

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  • LauraLapina LauraLapina
    Small but charming palace

    I suggest to visit this palace early morning, especially in summer, otherwise it will be really crowded and as the Palace rooms (some of them) are small, there will not be space to enjoy art! Nice...

  • Ninni H Ninni H
    Beautiful display for art

    The palace itself was easy to go to with a taxi (cheap way of transportation in Tallinn, use it) and it was very beautiful indeed. The park surrounding the palace is a great place for a stroll or a...

  • kbpdk kbpdk
    Stunning ballroom

    You should visit this museum for the ballroom alone, and perhaps the adjacent dining room. The art is not that interesting, but the castle itself is.

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