Maarjamäe Memorial

Maarjamäe Memorial (designed by architect A. Murdmaa and sculptor M. Varik) stands on Pirita Road between the Lasnamäe plateau and Tallinn Bay. It was erected to those who had fallen defending the Soviet Union.

The memorial is made up of both architectural and landscaping elements. At its centre stands a 35-metre obelisk, but the ensemble also includes the graves of the crews of the Avtroil and Spartak minesweepers, dolomite-lined walls, grass-covered slopes, the pathways between them and a bronze sculpture of a flock of birds.

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  • Craig F Craig F
    What's interesting is how it remains

    This is far from a must see on a brief stay in Tallinn, but the "abandoned" nature of the memorial is what makes it somewhat fascinating. A memorial erected by an occupying government, with whom the...

  • Billythefish1 Billythefish1
    A monument forgotten

    As you walk away from Tallinn along the coast you can see in the distance a monument that looks it is standing in the middle of the road. As you get near you see more of the area opening up. Walking...

  • El_Capitan-4000 El_Capitan-4000
    Brilliant for Soviet History Seekers!

    For me, this was the highlight of my recent trip to Tallinn. As someone who is fascinated by soviet/communist history I was blown away. The memorial itself is pleasant and typical of the concrete...

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