Maarjamäe Memorial

Pirita tee-76C, Kesklinna linnaosa, Tallinn

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Maarjamäe Memorial (designed by architect A. Murdmaa and sculptor M. Varik) stands on Pirita Road between the Lasnamäe plateau and Tallinn Bay. It was erected in dedication to those who had fallen defending the Soviet Union.

The memorial is made up of both architectural and landscaping elements. At its centre stands a 35-metre obelisk, but the complex also includes the graves of the crews of the Avtroil and Spartak minesweepers, dolomite-lined walls, grass-covered slopes, the pathways between them and a bronze sculpture of a flock of birds.

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Bus: Mälestusvälja
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Soviet era Memorial

Very large Soviet era memorial that today has much graffiti and crumbling concrete. The memorial is to those who have fallen in the Soviet era and the bronze sculpture pieces attached to the...

Martins V

Martins V

Memorials of Soviet occupants and their victims side by side

Memorials of Soviet occupants and their victims are located side by side. This obelisk is for Soviet occupants, but right near of that are located black walls with names of more than 22 000...

George A

George A

Soviet monument

Interesting landmark a 35 meter obelisk to those who have fallen in the Soviet era that offers a great view even from our ship.

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