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Monument to Johann Köler

This monument was erected to mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of the founder of Estonian nationalist painting.
Johann Köler was born in the parish of Suure-Jaani in Viljandi County. Did you know…? *Having studied painting at the Academy of Art, Köler went on to further studies in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy. *He was employed in the court of the Russian emperor as the drawing teacher of the tsar’s daughter. *He corresponded with forward-thinking Estonian intellectuals and took part in events as part of the nationalist movement. The monument was sculpted by Edgar Viies, having been designed by Rein Luup.

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  • teeaed teeaed
    Monument to a famous Estonian artist

    A nice monument to one of the greatest Estonian artists. A nice little area around it, on the way from the centre to the castle ruins or the lake.

  • 46erling46 46erling46
    Estlands mest kända internationella målare !

    "Jesus på korset" är Kölers mest kända målning och den återfinns i Stephansdomen i Wien och kyrkor i S:t Petersburg och i Cesis (Lettland) och på många andra ställen ! Kölers porträtt i parken i...

  • Elena S Elena S
    Памятник знаменитому художнику

    Памятник Иоханну Кёлеру, знаменитому (и чуть ли не первому) эстонскому художнику установлен на площади в Вильянди. Памятник своеобразный, но место очень красивое. В то время, когда мы там были...

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