Soontaga Stronghold

Soontagana Stronghold, which is located on an island in Avaste swamp and was established in the 7th to 8th centuries, is one of the best known strongholds of the ancient people living in this region. It is a stronghold with a circular earthwork 50 x 100 m in size, which was 6-7 metres higher than the rest of the island. A very secret underwater path through the swamp led to the stronghold and only those in the know were able to get there. The place succumbed to the crusading knights with the last christenings in 1226.
Today, the stronghold is surrounded by beautiful landscapes – meadows, old farms and stone fences. You can go for a nice walk and enjoy the views, make a fire and stay in the hiking hut.

Features and amenities


Kurese küla, Koonga vald, Pärnu maakond

Getting there

Turn towards Koonga Village from the Pärnu-Haapsalu Road and head for Mihkli Village. Follow the signs for the stronghold. The last part of the path can only be passed on foot.


  • By excursion bus
  • Signposted
  • On foot only
  • By car


58°39'40''N 24°10'20''E | Download GPX file