sunset in Haapsalu citySource: Rivo Veber


The perfect destination for families, couples looking for romance, and health enthusiasts alike

This calm and friendly small town located less than 2-hour’s drive from the capital enjoys a long standing history as a spa resort.

Haapsalu is a wonderful little town with narrow streets, a miniature town hall and romantic wooden dwelling houses. Once a popular summer holiday destination for the Russian aristocracy, modern Haapsalu hosts a number of international festivals and is home to charming restaurants. 

Source: Rivo Veber

Haapsalu, a charming seaside town and is known for its picturesque setting and rich cultural heritage. The town's main attraction is the 13th-century Haapsalu Castle, which houses a museum and hosts various cultural events throughout the year. Haapsalu is also famous for its mud baths and spa treatments, attracting visitors seeking relaxation and wellness. With its beautiful architecture, tranquil atmosphere, and natural beauty, Haapsalu offers a unique and memorable experience for travelers looking to explore Estonia's hidden gems.

The first Haapsalu mud spa opened its doors in 1825 and since then Haapsalu has attracted spa lovers from all over the world. Haapsalu’s serene vibe is loved by families and romantic couples who enjoy having picnics, walking, visiting spas and sailing. Once in Haapsalu, don’t forget to browse for a traditional hand-woven woollen Haapsalu shawl with fine and elegant patterns.

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