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The Falstaff Guide's top restaurants in Estonia

The Falstaff Guide has expanded to the Nordics! Club members and professional reviewers have selected their favorite restaurants in Estonia.

Falstaff does not follow the same path as other restaurant guides. 

First founded in 1980 as a German-language wine magazine in Austria, Falstaff International launched in 2021 as a hedonistic lifestyle publisher featuring a hotel guide, restaurant guide, and various drinks guides. Falstaff Nordic is the most recent geographical expansion of the publishing house, replacing the White Guide Nordic, which published Estonian restaurant recommendations for the past seven years.

While the restaurant rating system is similar to that of the White Guide — both rate restaurants on a 100-point system — Falstaff stands out as it has a team of Falstaff Club members and professional reviewers. These people have a lifestyle where they often visit restaurants and hotels. The final score is the average of the scores given by all the reviewers. A maximum of 50 points can be awarded for food, 20 for service, 20 for drinks, and 10 for ambience.

A total of 154 places to eat in Estonia made the 2024 Falstaff Guide. Every county in the country is represented in the guide by at least one restaurant, meaning you'll never have to go far for a quality meal.

According to the guide, these are the top five restaurants in Estonia:

Tallinn's top restaurants

These restaurants scored over 90 points.

Tartu's top restaurants

These restaurants scored over 80 points.

Top restaurants in Saaremaa

These restaurants scored over 80 points.

Pärnu's top restaurants

These restaurants scored over 80 points.

Best restaurants in West Estonia

These restaurants scored over 80 points.

Top restaurants in Viljandi

These restaurants scored over 80 points.

In addition, Falstaff handed out several special awards. Silver Saa from Lahepere Villa took home chef of the year and La Cucina di Orm Oja received an award for best service.

"Falstaff is expanding geographically at a tremendous rate. Falstaff is present in one way or another in over 50 countries... [and] about three million people view Falstaff's media channels monthly," said Aivar Hanson, Falstaff Nordic's editor-in-chief. 

"Falstaff brings coverage and recognition to Estonia's hospitality industry on a much larger scale than before [with the White Guide]," he added.

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