Haapsalu Old Town

Haapsalu, which is bordered by the sea on three sides, fits on a piece of land with a size of just 10.59 km2. The Old Town is located on a peninsula with two eskers, which continue to the north-west as a chain of islets (holms) connected to the mainland. There are low meanders between the holms – Suur and Väike Viik.
The culturally and environmentally valuable Old Town of Haapsalu can be divided into its medieval section and the 20th century health resort area. The medieval part is around the Episcopal castle, with the medieval network of Kooli, Jaani, Vee, Linda, Rüütli and Väike-Mere Streets and buildings. It is surrounded by a belt of wooden houses and the Promenade, Aafrika beach and parks.

Take a look at the aerial panorama (picture by Joel Tammet).

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  • Just charming small estonian town on the coast of Baltic Sea

    We arrived here in Haapsalu from Tallinn, by bus, driving on the freeway. The final stop was the Haapsalu Bussijaam ( Haapsalu Bus Station), which is actually located on the place of the Old Railway...

  • Such a beautiful small town

    We were there for the first time and Haapsalu thrilled us with its charm. The great castle, beautiful architecture, wonderful seaside and promenade and lovely cafes. And we didn't even managed to...

  • Surprisingly interesting town

    We wandered around the old town of Haapsalu and were really surprised to find so many interesting buildings to look at and photograph, and a wide variety of bars and restaurants. We wished we had not...

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