Estonia's best restaurants as listed by White Guide Nordic

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Estonia's best restaurants as listed by White Guide Nordic

Boasting strong food traditions, the Estonian gastronomy scene is remarkably colourful. Different regions of this northern Baltic nation bloom with clear and delicious identities. Estonians are a nation still deeply devout to nature. This is the defining force binding together the cuisines of the country's coastal folk, islanders, south-central Mulgimaa, southeastern Setomaa, and the Russian Old Believers by the shore of Lake Peipus.

The key to recent success lies in the fact that Estonians have started to really appreciate and celebrate their own food and local culinary customs. Making homemade sourdough rye bread, foraging for wild mushrooms and berries going fishing and hunting, and growing our own vegetables all connect Estonian rural folk, culinary artists, and professional chefs. An abundant variety of Estonian flavours come to life while making one's own jam, pressing juice, salting and marinating cucumbers, and making sauerkraut. For example, over the recent years making one's own wild garlic pesto has become something of a social media craze.

Some of Estonia's best restaurants listed in White Guide Nordic

In addition to homegrown culinary customs, Estonia has enjoyed recognition on the European high-end gastronomic chart. More than 70 of Estonia's best restaurants have been listed in White Guide Nordic.

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Where else can you find great Estonian food?

Appreciation of the local produce comes hand-in-hand with the collaboration between the chef and the farmer. Estonia's biggest island Saaremaa is booming with new restaurants and a new generation of chefs along with their renewed love for local ingredients. Restaurants there proudly offer their own maple and birch juice and you may be welcomed with electric-green spruce shoots and sorrels as topping on your soup.

Food fairs and regional markets, where you can meet the farmers and sample their products have become increasingly popular. The golden autumn brings out the best opportunities for tasting something exceptional, like the jam and preserves fair in Olustvere, Lindora fair in the Seto region, Paunvere exhibition near Tartu, and Bread Day at the Open Air Museum in Tallinn. Onion growing thrives along the Lake Peipus coast where the locals braid onions into golden-yellow chains that look like the rich braids of Russian tsarinas from fairy tales.

This is just a glimpse of Estonia's ongoing journey for culinary excellence. Once you've had a try and been astonished once, you're likely to return for more!

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