Harvest your own food

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Harvest your own food

In Estonia, you can go straight to the source of local food ingredients to taste their true flavours. Visit gardens to pluck vegetables or herbs for medicinal teas, catch wild sea trout off the coast of Northern islands or trek into the forest in search of seasonal chanterelles or lingonberries.

Bountiful gardens

Farm to fork veggies

Photo by: Danel Rinaldo

Organic, small scale farms across Estonia open their gates to visitors to invite them to sample their produce and teach about their agricultural practices. At the herb garden of Tamme Farm, near Pärnu, you can learn about alternative agriculture and herbs, vegetables and decorative plants for cooking. Tours at the Energy Herbal Centre, Estonia's largest company growing and processing ecological herbs, are organized around energy, relaxation or stress-relief. Lose yourself in the tranquility of these gardens for an escape from everyday life. 

Wild treasures

Nature's autumnal fruits 

Photo by: Karl Ander Adami

With a bit of the right knowledge, especially from a wise local guide, the Estonian nature is full of edible delicacies waiting to be gathered. If you have more of a sweet tooth, try searching for blueberries, cloudberries or lingonberries instead. Trips include information about how to prepare and preserve mushrooms and berries. The lakes, rivers and sea of Estonia are also full of delicious species of fish like salmon and sea trout, which with the help of a local fishing guide you can catch and eat for dinner the same day.

Handmade bread

Fresh bread, from grain to loaf

Photo by: Jaak Nilson

It is difficult to argue that anything tastes better than a freshly baked, still-warm loaf of bread. At the Hellenurm Watermill, the last watermill in Estonia which still produces flour, guests can see how grains were ground in the old times and make their own bread to bake in a traditional oven. The Avinurme Handicrafts Centre offers many different workshops, among them is bread baking, as well as wooden basket weaving, in case you need a new basket to carry your fresh bread.

Last updated : 22.02.2022

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