Man swimming in a bog, enjoying Estonian natureSource: Jaan Roose

Estonian nature — slow down and wonder at a wilder life

Catch a few precious hours to reflect or lose all sense of time while taking a journey that will last a lifetime.

Voyage around Estonia's 2,317 pristine islands with the ebb and flow of the tide. Endless forests seem to have their own time zone. Awake to a symphony of birdsong. Breathe deep. Some of the cleanest air in the world will wipe away your cares. Marvel at summer sunsets that go on forever.

Estonian nature is only a heartbeat away.

Discover Estonia's six national parks

Hire a guide to lead you to the parks’ most remote corners and enthrall you with local stories, or venture out on your own by renting a bike or canoe.

Get lost in the wilderness — and then find yourself back in civilization in the blink of an eye.

Wander at will and uncover epic landscapes.

The wilderness provides an antidote to – and escape from – busy urban lives, so let Estonian nature surround you. Unearth places at your own pace.

“…the wilderness is a great place to just be. Or, in fact, to howl to the wolves, if that is your thing.”

Catherine Mack, The Telegraph

Top 10 beaches in Estonia

Estonia's lakes and Baltic Sea coast have beaches for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. An unconventional beach holiday awaits!

Top 10 beaches in Estonia

Source: Priidu Saart, Visit Saaremaa

Bears and wolves harken back to ancient landscapes.

Every season has something special — and an extra season gives you extra time to see it all.

Expert tip: Exploring off-season will help off-load the pressure.

What are your interests?

Expansive nature and immersive culture are mere moments apart, so no matter how long you stay with us, Estonia will stay with you forever.

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