Hiking trail in Soomaa bogSource: Sven Zacek

Soomaa National Park

Known for its "fifth season" floods, Soomaa National Park is home to extensive bogs surrounded by forests, rivers, flood meadows and wooded meadows.

Enjoy the silence and beauty of nature in Soomaa National Park.

Located in southwestern Estonia, Soomaa National Park is best known for its extra season. Known as the fifth season, this natural phenomenon occurs when water from the spring thaw or heavy rain floods fields, roads, forests, and farmland, making boats the most reliable form of transportation. During this time, up to 17,500 hectares of low-lying forests, roads, and meadows can only be navigated by water, making it a perfect place for a canoe trip. 

Soomaa has received a quality label from the European Union of Protected Areas (EUROPARC Federation), which recognizes the sustainable development of nature tourism in the region.

Source: Visit Estonia

Residents of Soomaa have adapted to the floods rather than fled.

Homeowners always have boats on hand. During the fifth season, you can take a guided canoe trip and paddle through the trees and over the flooded meadows. 

Soomaa National Park is charming all year round. Even when there are no floods, plenty of boardwalks and hiking trails take you through the park's bogs and wetlands. During the colder months, you can ice skate on frozen rivers or explore the forests by kicksled. 

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Ice skating in Soomaa National Park

When the floodwaters freeze in winter, it creates a magnificent skating rink, and you can get around on skates. Gliding through a frozen forest is an unforgettable feeling.

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