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Autumn in Estonia

There is no "off" season in Estonia. From a hike in a colorful forest to total relaxation at a luxury spa, here's how to best enjoy your autumn break.

Hike, bike, canoe, and kayak. Pick mushrooms. Relax in a hot sauna. 

Changing leaves are the top attraction during an autumn city break in Estonia. Hunt for bright autumn foliage in city parks or wild forests. In Tallinn, about one-third of the city is made up of green spaces and parks — these are the best spots to observe colorful trees and plants. 

Fast facts

Average temperature:

15°C (September) to 0°C (November)

Day length:

14 hours to 6.5 hours

Estonia's top autumn city:


Where can you find the very best autumn scenery?

Estonia's ancient wetlands and primeval forests are stunning in autumn. Many top hiking trails that pass through them have observation towers for taking in beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. A day trip from Tallinn will give you the chance to breathe in the crisp, fresh air of autumn. True nature lovers should visit a bog at sunrise for an otherworldly experience.

Bear spotting and birdwatching

Did you know Estonia has Europe's highest population density of brown bears? They are most active in autumn, foraging for food to help them fatten up before a long winter's sleep. Autumn is one of the best times to go bear-watching as the foliage is less dense, making it easier to spot the bears as they roam the forest. 

Birds are also on the move during the autumn months. Seabirds fly south for the winter, stopping to rest on many of Estonia's islands and inlets along the coast. Two of the country's best birdwatching spots are Vilsandi National Park on Saaremaa's west coast and Matsalu National Park on the Estonian mainland. 

Looking for a SPA-tacular autumn experience?

Spa holidays are a year-round favorite in Estonia, but when the weather starts getting colder, the siren call of the sauna gets louder. You'll find quality spas around the country; go for a day or treat yourself to a weekend stay. Treatments with healing mud, body treatments with natural products and guided sauna experiences will help you wind and renew your body and soul.


If you're treating yourself to a relaxing holiday at the spa, then treat your tastebuds, too.

Estonian chefs will have the bounty of the fields and forests on full display. A few of Estonia's spa hotels have MICHELIN-recommended restaurants.

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