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Visit a magical winter wonderland!

Cross-country skiing, post-sauna swims in icy ponds, cozy firesides, and twinkling Christmas lights — and an unforgettable winter holiday in Estonia.

With its snowy forests and frozen lakes, Estonia makes for an unforgettable winter destination.

From cross-country skiing to post-sauna swims in sub-zero temperatures, this Nordic wonderland welcomes you with activities to invigorate your body and soothe your soul. With so much to do, you will not even feel the cold!

Fast facts

Approximate dates:

end of November to early March

Average temperature:

-1 °C to -10 °C

Estonia's top winter city:


Thrilling outdoor winter activities in Estonia

As Estonians have done for centuries, go skiing, ice skating, sledding, and snowshoeing in the sparkling winter scenery.

Explore destinations beyond Tallinn

The Estonian countryside has much to offer adventurous travelers willing to head off the beaten path.

How to survive Estonia's winter weather

Although the temperature in Estonia rarely drops below -20 degrees, the wind can make the weather seem very harsh. What can you do if your feet are cold and wet snowflakes fly straight into your face?

Always take extra warm socks, drink plenty of hot drinks, and don't forget a scarf and hat. As the locals say: "There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes." Even so, sometimes you just want to feel the glow of the fireplace and watch the snow fall from inside. Stay warm indoors with a trip to a spa or sauna, spend the evening in a cozy restaurant with a fireplace, or go to a museum. 

Wind down after icy adventures

Feel the glow of the fireplace and watch the snow fall from inside. Stay warm indoors with a trip to a spa or sauna, a cozy restaurant or fun museum.

Spend your Christmas holiday in Estonia

Throughout December, Estonia's big cities and small towns sparkle with Christmas spirit. Unlike markets in many European countries, Estonia's Christmas markets usually run beyond the 24th, up to Epiphany, when the Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas. 

Christmas markets are magical places for fun, music, and outdoor games for the whole family. Fairy lights twinkle, and the smell of spicy hot wine and fried sausages fills the air. If you plan to meet Jõuluvana — the Estonian Santa Clause — come prepared with a Christmas song or winter poem. Like Estonian children, you may have to recite one before he grants your Christmas wish.

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