Source: Visit Estonia

Winter adventures

The beauty of Estonian winter attracts a crowd of admirers from the locals and internationals alike. During this time of the year you'll find Tallinn Old Town at its most charming and can head out to the country for a lungful of fresh crisp air.

Winter in Estonia lasts from late November until late March with temperatures ranging from mild plus degrees to as low as minus thirty (-30°C). The daylight hours tend to be brief, which is perfect for those looking for a cosy winter romance in a lit up medieval surroundings, or yearning for a much obliged reset in a cute cottage in midst of the wintry nature.

Marvel at the spectacle of frozen waterfalls, the coastline and sea, and the country’s snow-covered forests and national parks. If the winter is sufficiently cold and the sea is frozen, you can even experience the amazing feeling of driving from the mainland to the islands across Europe’s longest ice road.

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