5 reasons to go to Hiiumaa out of Peak Season

Source: Visit Hiiumaa, Ivo Panasyuk

5 reasons to go to Hiiumaa out of Peak Season

 In the summertime, when the weather is beautiful, the sea is warm and there are many different events, everyone tends to head off to Estonia's islands. You might not know that Hiiumaa is also worth a visit during the quieter times in the off-season. Here are 5 good to stop by Hiiumaa out of peak season.

Hiking in Hiiumaa

Photo by Ivo Panasyuk, Visit Hiiumaa

1. Pristine and untouched nature - On Hiiumaa, you'll find untouched nature, stunning views of the sea, endless pine forests, as well as long sandy beaches. This particular island is the most diverse and varied place in Estonia and stands out in terms of its rich flora and fauna.

Due to the surrounding sea, the climate on Hiiumaa is slightly different than on the Estonian mainland. As a result, there are more sunny days and fewer without rain. Although the time when flowers bloom in the spring starts a few weeks later, the autumn on Hiiumaa lasts longer and is pleasant and warm. In addition to that, there are several important bird migration routes across the island.

Long Beaches you can walk for ages

Photo by Ivo Panasyuk

2. Stories and legends - Hiiumaa has a history full of legendary people, places, and stories. The list includes Leiger, Swedish seamen, Count Ungru, lighthouses, and pirates ... Aside from its stories, you'll find the Hiiumaa dialect as well as the famous laid-back sense of humor the islanders are known for.

3. Well-known and lesser-known sights - Hiiumaa is one of the oldest islands in the world and numerous historical findings showing that the island has been inhabited since ancient times. On the island, you'll have a chance to see the cast-iron Tahkuna lighthouse, the Ristimägi (the Hill of Crosses), Kõpu lighthouse - the oldest lighthouse in the Baltics, as well as one of the most spectacular Baroque manor complexes in the world at Suuremõisa Castle

Getting to the sites on Hiiumaa is quite easy as well. You can walk many places or rent a bike and take a self-guided tour of Hiiumaa.

Kõpu Lighthouse

Photo by Eerik Ülevain, Visit Estonia

4. The Tastes of Hiiumaa - Hiiumaa is an island bursting with favors. It became a major food region when it won the Estonian Undiscovered Treasure Competition in 2015 as the best tourism destination for food. On Hiiumaa, you'll taste island cuisine with its characteristic flavours which are prepared using locally grown ingredients and of course, plenty of fish! Throughout the ages, fish has been the staple food of the islanders and can be prepared here in hundreds of different ways.

Fish and Seafood

Hiiumaa is a paradise for fish lovers

Photo by Renee Altrov, Visit Estonia

5. A Peaceful Pace of Life - time moves differently and at its own rate on the island of Hiiumaa. A calm and stress-free atmosphere quickly sweeps the daily worries out of one's mind. There is silence and space here, so you can take the time to just be in the moment. Take a walk on endless forest trails and sandy beaches, enjoy the wind noise, clean air, sea noise, and peace of the forest.  The island is one of the best place to simply be where you are and to be in the moment.

The Orjaku Study Trail

Trails provide a great opportunity to take life at a slower pace

Photo by Ivo Panasyuk, Visit Hiiumaa

Hiiumaa has beautiful and unique nature, the largest sea waves in Estonia, and the longest ice road in Europe. Here you can find the highest mountains in West Estonia, the cosiest beaches, and unique sites. And as the most forested area in Estonia, where more than half of the area is covered with forest, the island's nature alone is worth a visit. Come for a visit and see for yourself!

Last updated : 05.11.2021

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