Press trips for media

Source: Visit Estonia / Rasmus Jurkatam

Press trips for media

To inspire members of the media and to introduce the best of Estonia, we organise individual and group press trips.

Before applying for a press trip, please read our criteria to find out if you qualify.

Press trip criteria

  1. You represent media from one or more of our key markets: Finland, Russia, Latvia, Germany, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Japan, China, USA (exceptions can be made for well-known TV shows or high-visibility national media in other countries).
  2. If you are a social media influencer (blogger, vlogger, Instagrammer), you have a significant number of followers in Europe, USA, Japan, and/or China.
  3. You can demonstrate that your audience is curious, open-minded and interested in or are frequent international travellers.
  4. Your channel/platform is preferably related to nature, authentic culture, or food.
  5. Your content will be published within 12 months of your visit.
  6. If you are a journalist, be prepared to submit a letter of assignment from your editor on your publication's letterhead indicated intent to publish your feature or article along with a recent copy of the publication itself

Please submit a press trip application at least four weeks before your trip. As our primary goal is to assist members of the media who can provide editorial coverage on Estonia, please understand that we may not be able to accommodate spouses, children or accompanying visitors. Signatures of all media trip participants are requested to acknowledge their arrival in Estonia.

Press trip assistance

  1. Itineraries based on your interest.
  2. Interview opportunities with Estonians.
  3. Reimbursement for up to 3 nights of accommodation in Estonia, local transport, entrance to attractions and some dinner/lunch opportunities.
  4. Reimbursement for international travel costs (case by case).
  5. Images and video footage of Estonia.

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