Man taking selfie at night in TallinnSource: Andres Raudjalg

40 things to do during Estonia's black nights

Evenings are extra long during autumn and winter. Don't turn in early! Make the most of the black nights with these 40 attractions and activities.

White nights are great. We get it. But Estonia's black nights are far from boring.

 We've gathered 40 things to do and places to go in Tallinn or nearby during the late afternoons and evenings of autumn and winter. Indoors or out, there's always something to do when the sun goes down!

Old Town is magical during the black night season.

The cobblestone streets take on a mysterious air. Book a walking tour, sip mulled wine, or dine by candlelight like a medieval merchant.

Now is the time to enjoy seasonal cuisine.

See what innovative chefs can do with pickled pumpkins and mushrooms, smoked meat, and berry preserves, or sample seasonal delicacies at the market.

Planning a night out on the town?

Glamorous speakeasy, wine bar, American-style microbrewery, or hipster hot spot — take your pick! The night is extra long, and it's all yours.

The Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) is the cultural event of the season.

If you can't make it for the festival, head to the opera, take in some jazz, or check out the films at Kai Art Center.

Tallinn has plenty of opportunities for high-adrenaline indoor activities.

There's no need to let the cold weather slow you down. From skate parks to sand volleyball, push yourself to the limit with these indoor activities.

Pamper yourself with a relaxing massage or an invigorating facial.

Once you start to feel the chill outdoors, head to one of Tallinn's spas. Let the jacuzzi wash away your aches after a day spent hiking or skiing.

Skiing, sledding, skating, and swimming — winter sports abound in Estonia.

The city maintains several ice rinks around town, and summertime hiking tracks turn into ski trails in winter. Fancy a challenge? Try winter swimming!

Nature is open 24/7, every day of the year.

Frozen waterfalls and forests by twilight offer magical black night experiences or get your nature fix on the well-lit trails of Kadriorg Park.

A sauna is a must-do experience, no matter the season.

Black nights make a warm sauna feel extra delicious. Bar/sauna combo, old school, new age, or super Instagrammable — there's a sauna for everyone!

Need some company after dark? Venture outside of Tallinn with an experienced guide.

Seeing old buildings by lantern light or hiking by flashlight are once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Go out after dark and make it back for dinner.