Harilaiu Peninsula in Vilsandi National ParkSource: Mati Kose


Vilsandi National Park

Vilsandi National Park is Estonia's most marine national park and the most island-rich region. The baltic Sea comprises 2/3 of Vilsandi National Park; the rest consists of 160 isalnds, peninslas, and inlets. The highlight of the park ise Vilsandi Island. Vilsandi, located on the west coast of Saaremaa, was set up to protect sensitive coastal and island habitats.

A haven for seal and orchid lovers, Vilsandi National Park is home to Estonia’s largest grey seal colony and many kinds of seabirds. Fossil limestone terraces wait to be discovered.

A visit to Vilsandi National Park should be planned ahead. There is a boat connection organized by the local municipality that runs from Papissaare to Vikati and back. Check schedules and purchase tickets in advance.

Harilaiu peninsula

If you are not afraid of long walks, you can explore the shifting dunes and beautiful nature site on the Harilaiu peninsula.

Arrive at Vilsandi by boat

You can explore the area around the islands and shoals by boat—calm waves and short distances make Vilsandi National Park ideal for kayak trips.

Explore more of Vilsandi

Geology enthusiasts: view fossil-rich limestone outcrops at the visitor center. Botany lovers: Vilsandi is home to dozens of rare orchids.

Source: Rivo Veber

Explore Vilsandi

Vilsandi National Park is a haven for seal, birds and orchid lovers. The Fossil limestone terraces wait to be discovered and the 130-year-old Vilsandi Lighthouse gives a magnificent view of the surrounding area - an unique landscape shaped by winds and waves and home to various wildlife and bird species. Keep an eye out for seals lounging on the beaches! With the help of a local guide, you can move from one island to another by wading through the shallow sea. bare your toes, roll up your pant legs, and let the seabed massage your soles.