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Cycling and bicycle trips

Estonia is a great place for travelling by bike – short distances, not a lot traffic on the roads, diverse nature scenery, well preserved local culture and traditions, privacy, and continuously developed network of bike roads support this environmentally friendly mode of transport in every way.

Estonia is also a safe place for taking bicycle trips, as our main roads are all paved and have sparse traffic, while still passing through populated urban areas.

You can choose to bike though the flatlands of northern and western Estonia, or enjoy southern Estonia with its rolling hills, lakes, fields and forests. Summer days in Estonia are so long that you can circle the entire country on bike in just 10–14 days. Accommodation locations are situated closely enough for you to reach the next one within a day’s journey. It is also easy to find designated campsites or to put your tent up in beautiful nature scenery of your own choosing; camping without a permit is allowed in designated and marked camping spots in state-owned forests.

The Eurovelo route that passes through Estonia starts from the Latvian border, runs along the coast and the islands, passes Tallinn and heads to the Russian border via the northern coast (Saint Petersburg is only 140 km away from the border). Additionally, there are signs for a selection of local and regional bike routes. You get a whole new experience when travelling through Estonia on a bike (as opposed to car drives), meadows and forests alternate with villages and it is perfectly usual to stop at the nearest farm to ask for a glass of cold water.

There are plenty of places that lend out equipment, in cities, but in tourism farms and spas as well. If you would like to get help from local tour operators, be sure to check the routes and trips listed below. Bike trip organisers can lead you to delightful locations that are tricky to find on one’s own and show a lot of interesting places that you might not notice when travelling on your own.

If you are travelling on your own, be sure to stop by at local tourist information centres. These centres provide detailed regional maps, thorough information about local sights, dining and accommodation places.

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