5 costly mistakes tourists make over & over again

Source: Jaanus Ree, Visit Estonia

5 costly mistakes tourists make over & over again

Many of us make easily avoidable mistakes when traveling abroad. Here we present the 5 most common mistakes and suggest easy-to-implement solutions.

1. We rely on other travellers

We trust the tips of other travellers, because this is all the information there is (Tripadvisor, etc), right? Nope. If you want to enjoy an authentic travel experience, be curious and trust the tips given by local people instead.

For example, for Tallinn you will find so many valuable and exciting hints at likealocalguide.com/tallinn.

2. We stay in the capital

Sure, metropols are attractive and seemingly have everything a tourist is after. But there are other places where you can discover the LOCAL culture – in most cases even more authentic.

When in Estonia with time on your hands, head to Tartu or Pärnu. Or visit the islands of Kihnu and Hiiumaa in the summer!

Surely, Tallinn is breathtaking, but there's so much more. Check out the video below to get a glimpse.

3. We only explore the centre of the capital

Sometimes we only have time for the heart of the capital. Not only that, we tend to follow the trails on which only tourists walk.

So, when visiting Tallinn, why not avoid dining in the Old Town and explore the trendy district of Kalamaja, with its authentic Estonian pub and restaurant scene instead?

4. We violate important cultural rules

This can be really tricky! In Italy you don't really tip in the bar or restaurant. In India, you bob your head when agreeing with another person.

In Estonia, you should be on time and avoid being too emotional with your greetings (a handshake is enough). So, you'd better ask locals about such things, or check the internet first!

5. We often overlook a fantastic Nordic country

We are so used to travelling to well-known countries. But actually, there's one more place that deserves a visit. Its capital was Lonely Planet's Number 1 Best value destination for 2018. Yes, it's called Estonia.

And Estonia is always worth a visit, because she's as beautiful, young, attractive and sexy as ever!

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Last updated : 03.01.2020
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