How to best enjoy your stay in Estonia, sustainably

Source: Visit Estonia

How to best enjoy your stay in Estonia, sustainably

 In 2019, Estonians celebrated the 10th anniversary of World Cleanup Day – a country of 1.3 million convinced more than 18 million people to come to clean up the planet. Sustainability is key to future travel. Here's how you can make sure that future generations can enjoy the experience of travel as much as you do today.

Think globally, act locally

Pick your own food, cook your own food

Photo by: Visit Estonia

Estonian food is often local and the New Nordic Cuisine movement is promoting farm to table culinary experiences.

Consume only as much as you really need

Keep it basic

Opt to reuse as much as possible during your travel. 

Photo by: Visit Estonia

This applies to everything from food, toiletries to towels at your accommodation.

Watch for quality labels

There are a few programmes in practice in Estonia that help you to choose the more sustainable way of travel. Green Key is an international quality label for tourism entrepreneurs. 
EHE is an ecotourism quality label for Estonian rural tourism products.

Last updated : 20.04.2021