TOP Instagrammable places in Estonia

Source: Sofia Josefiina Lavaste, VisitEstonia

TOP Instagrammable places in Estonia

 If you didn't post it on Instagram, did it even happen?

Travel is personal, and whether you catch your experiences on a polaroid or publish a story on Instagram, there's quite a few secret and much loved destinations in Estonia to capture in that square frame. Just follow @visitestonia on IG, and we'll let you know where to go.

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Kakerdaja bog

While the word "bog" has a number of different meanings in the English language, some of which are perhaps not so glamorous, we can assure you that Kakerdaja is as wild, mysterious and scenic as anything you're going to witness in northern Europe. Best times to capture the scenery is during the misty sunrise and sunset.

Rummu Quarry  

Rummu is perhaps Estonia's only tourist-made tourism destination. A former prison flooded with crystal-clear lake water quickly drew the attention of visitors who started to venture off the beaten track to find this oasis of cool.

Keila Waterfall

This expansive waterfall in North Estonia might not be as powerful as let's say...Niagara Falls, but it's way more accessible - you can take photos from both sides of the waterfall and wander down to watch the water wash past the rocks. 

Kiipsaare lighthouse 

It looks a bit lonely, a bit quirky and is actually a bit wonky. Built in 1933, Kiipsaare lighthouse really takes you back. Located on the seashore of Saaremaa island, the lighthouse makes for dynamic composition, the perfect imperfect.

Äntu Lake District

Cold and crystal clear - Äntu lake does usually not warm up enough for a casual summer bathing, but it's a fun place for exploring the underwater world.

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Sõrve lighthouse

Probably one of the most Instagrammed destinations in Estonia, Sõrve lighthouse is bit of a local legend. It's located on a tiny peninsula on the island of Saaremaa, which - as we've learned by now - is dotted with picture-perfect lighthouses. 

Ruins of Ungru castle

For a castle that was never quite finished, this impressive Neo-Baroque castle has aged pretty gracefully. Located next to a former Soviet airfield, it's definitely a destination worth exploring through the lens.

Sillamäe town

Those looking for a glimpse of the "soviet chic" can head to the refurbished Sillamäe promenade. 


If your goal is to get as many great nature shots as possible, Taevaskoja in South Estonia should be number one on your bucket list.

Tallinn Old Town

Last but definitely not least, go to Tallinn Old Town! Because how could you possibly miss the best preserved old town in Northern Europe? Climb up to the upper old town to take a selfie with Tallinn's Insta celeb Steven.

Last updated : 22.04.2021

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