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This adorable little town hidden deep within southern Estonian forests boasts impressive castle ruins, a former home of the ruling Livonian Order.

The scenic views of the nearby lake and wooden architecture makes Viljandi a place of interest to both nature and culture lovers.

Popular among the locals as one of the most visited summer festival destinations in Estonia, Viljandi hosts a number of themed festivals from world-renowned folk music to medieval fairs. The cherry on top of the cake has to be the large nearby lake beach, offering boat rentals and regular trips.

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The heart of Estonian folk music and vocal heritage is kept alive and well in Viljandi by the large student population from Viljandi Culture Academy and the many musicians who stroll the local streets year round. Reaching its melodic peak every July at Viljandi Folk music festival, here you can enjoy a warm summer weekend packed with contemporary renditions of traditional music.

Once you’ve discovered Viljandi in its full charm and beauty, head out of town and soon you will come across even more natural beauty in Soomaa national park and at the 16th century Olustvere manor.

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