Viljandi Suspension Bridge

The bridge made by the Riga company Felser & Co in 1879 was erected amid the castle hills in Viljandi in 1931. It was a present by the lord of the Tarvastu Manor Karl von Mensenkampf.
Interesting to know: *The bridge is over 50 m long. * It was erected over a valley which is 15 m deep. * At first, the bridge was located over the moat in Tarvastu to make it easier for the family of the lord to visit the chapel in the ruins. The suspension bridge has become a favourite object of both citizens and visitors of Viljandi and one of the town’s important symbols. It was reconstructed in 1995.

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  • History brudge

    This bridge is an ordinary bridge but it's got some history about it. I visited during the day and evenings and I will highly recommend to visit it during the day to experience the best valley views.

  • A wobbly entrance

    Its an old suspension bridge which wobbles as you step over it. Concentrate on getting over safely and take in the view when you finish your trajectory!!

  • Beautiful setting

    Originally built in 1879, this it was erected in the castle hills here in 1931. This 50 m long bridge spans a small gorge about 15 m deep. The lovely setting amongst the castle ruins makes the park...

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