Lake Viljandi natural ice rink

Lake Viljandi natural ice rink

SUPELUSE, Viljandi

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In winter, Lake Viljandi and its surroundings become a winter wonderland. A well-maintained ice rink awaits you on the lake so come with your friends and family. Ice skating is one of the best ways to spend some time outdoors during the winter! You can enjoy wonderful, snowy views of the small town and the castle hills.
Aasa Guesthouse by the lake rents skates so you can enjoy the winding, natural ice rink.
The ice rink is maintained by Viljandi Cycling Club. Be sure to follow the weather information so that you can be safe.

Times and prices

24 hours

Features and amenities
Getting there

The ice rink is located on Lake Viljandi, right next to the stadium.

  • Sealed access road
  • By car
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