Matsalu national park

Covering over 400km² of land and coast, Matsalu is first and foremost known as one of Europe’s best bird watching destinations.

Matsalu is a rural and laid back holiday destination, here you can find hiking trails for casual and serious hikers as well as several guesthouses great for relaxing in the nature. Visitors can explore the unique landscape of Matsalu National Park on foot, by bicycle and by boat.

One of the most important autumn stopping grounds for migratory birds in Europe, over 250 bird species have been recorded in Matsalu. Over the years, several birdwatching towers have been installed for nature holiday makers, the most popular ones are located at Haeska, Keemu and Kloostri.

In 2007, the European Commission launched the European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) competition. Matsalu - nominee in 2009 in category “EDEN. Estonia’s hidden treasures. Tourism and protected areas”.

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