Best adventures happen in Ida-Virumaa

Source: Joosep Martinson, Visit Estonia

Best adventures happen in Ida-Virumaa

Ida-Virumaa county in Eastern Estonia is known for its adrenaline-packed adventure tourism. In the last 10 years, this region has become the most attractive tourism region in Estonia. Ida-Virumaa was also chosen as one of the world's twelve undiscovered treasures at MATKA 2019, the largest tourism fair in the Nordic countries. Adventures can be enjoyed underground, on top of a hill, on the water, and on the tops of trees.

Aidu quarry

Photo: Julia Kivelä

The best adventures are in Ida-Virumaa

Ida-Virumaa is serious about adventure. For two years now, the Ida-Viru tourism cluster has been organizing the competition "The Best New Adventure", with the aim of diversifying and creating new adventurous activities and attractions in the area.

Kiviõli Adventure Centre

Photo: Joosep Martinson

The best adventure attraction in the region

Kiviõli Adventure Center consists of downhill trails, a snowboarding park, and a snow tubing track. In the summer, the park is transformed into tracks for downhill and mountain vehicles, and a 700-meter-long zip-line. The 1,950-metre Motocross Centre features Estonia's first world championship course. There is a large car park, an area for washing motorcycles, a system designed to keep the course wet, tunnels beneath the course, and lighting along the full length of the trail. The adventure center has also earned the titles Best Adventure Attraction 2019 and People's Favorite.

At the foot of Kiviõli Ash Hill, adventurers will find a new and fresh family experience park offering 15 daring sports and leisure activities. Here you launch to hights, dig with a real excavator, be a firefighter, ride a boat in the archipelago, descend a high mountain along Estonia's longest rope and drive on the carriageway of the traffic town.

Romantic lake of Peipsi

Photo: Magnus Heinmets

Kauksi Holiday House offers the best taste adventure

Kauksi Holiday House, located near Lake Peipsi, offers a unique opportunity for culinary arts. Here you can join hands with expert cooks in preparing pork or lamb as it's cooked in a pre-heated hole in the ground. You can also cook fish on the campfire, participate in an age-old smoke sauna session, and take a pleasant walk by Lake Peipsi.

Adventure underground

Photo: Aron Urb

The best adventure story is told by Alutaguse Matkaklubi

Alutaguse Hiking Club is known for its exciting hikes. The 10-kilometre trip on scooters takes you to an undiscovered area in the 20th-century workers' settlements of Kohtla-Järve. The town was rapidly developing in the mid-20th century. The hike will take you through a giant industrial site accompanied by storytelling diving into the local legacy.

Family holiday in Alutaguse

Photo: Urve Erikson

The best educational adventure can be found in Vaivara

Vaivara is the site of some of the largest regional battles in recent history. The Vaivara Blue Hills Museum tells the story of the Narva front during the Second World War from the point of view of Estonians. Each adventure is completely unique way to experience these turbulent times in Estonian history. 

Saka cliff

Photo: Ida-Viru tourism cluster

Ida-Virumaa holds the following Estonian records:

• Longest sandy beach located near Lake Peipsi (30 kilometres)
• Highest artificial mountain: Kiviõli at 100 meters
• Longest cable descent: Kiviõli, length 600 meters
• Largest quarry: Aidu at 34 square kilometers
• Highest waterfall: Valaste at 30 meters

The beautiful city of Narva

Photo: Ida-Viru tourism cluster

Last updated : 17.07.2020