We are green

Source: Visit Estonia, by Sven Zacek

Navigate through nature!

Estonians have for centuries lived their lives in close relation to nature. We care about it and depend on it. It is almost like a religion, it has helped us through the soviet occupation and today, while living in cities, we all have our ways to reach out to the great outdoors: family cottage in countryside, sauna by riverside, jogging through pine forest, berry picking on islands, bog walks in national parks. Embracing purity and taking it slow - only to find yourself in the process. We dare to claim that Estonia is a natural nomad's dream destination!

Map of national parks in Estonia:

Nature is close to wherever you are, but heading to a national park is a good bet!

Take a relaxing birdeye view over Estonian National parks!

And some more:

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Photo by: Sven Zacek