Estonian Tourist Board

The goal of the Estonian Tourist Board is to enhance the popularity of Estonia as a travel destination and the international competitiveness of Estonian tourism products.

In selecting our activities, we wish to:

  • foster first visits from distant markets and repeat visits from adjacent markets,
  • increase the number of off-season visits,
  • prolong the duration of visits,
  • broaden the customer base with travellers of different ages, with higher demands, and higher expenditure.

In marketing, we focus on the following markets with the highest potential to deliver revenues from marketing investments:

  • first priority: Finland, Russia, Latvia,
  • secondary priority: Sweden, Norway, Germany, the United Kingdom,
  • domestic tourism,
  • distant markets: China, Japan, USA.

Irrespective of the target market, our main marketing channels are the tourism information system /, as well as social media channels.

In neighbouring countries, we focus on the B2C marketing. We promote Estonia through campaigns, showcases, press trips, travel fairs, and public relations. As for the distant and secondary priority markets, we focus on B2B marketing, i.e. we address our marketing to the travel trade to widen their product selection. Main activities include information days, showcases, fam trips, and travel trade fairs.    

We plan and conduct our marketing in collaboration with tourism enterprises and organisations. This collaboration also includes sharing expenses for the organisation of events, participation in fairs, etc.

For product development, tourism companies are offered:

  • tourism trainings in collaboration with regional tourism organisations,
  • support for tourism investments, focusing on major projects and big events that enhance the reputation of Estonia.