Public holidays (and a day off) in Estonia: 

  • 1st of January: New Years day. Usually a very quiet day after celebrations.
  • 24th of February: Independence day. Celebrated with the military parade in the morning and festive family dinners in the evening.
  • Moveable Friday during spring: Good Friday. Church holiday, a day for mourning and fasting
  • Moveable Sunday during spring: Easter Sunday. Commonly known as lihavõtted or munadepühad in Estonian. Celebrated by spring time (dairy based) treats, eggs and folk festivities.
  • 1st of May: May Day. The night before (Walpburg night) is celebrated with parties and which-craft.
  • Moveable day during late spring: Whitsun. Church holiday, celebrated 7 weeks after Easter Sunday.
  • 23rd of June: Victory Day. Celebrating decisive battle (1919) during the War of Independence
  • 24th of June: Midsummer Day. Commonly known as Jaanipäev. Celebrated with bonfires, different events and festivities taking place all around Estonia. One of the most important dates in a year for Estonians.
  • 20th of August: Day of Restoration of Independence. Celebrated with national festivities, events and family gatherings.
  • 24th of December – 26th of December: Christmas.

Take a look at our events calendar to see what is going on around the holidays or visit our cultural treasures to get to know ancient folk traditions in different Estonian areas.

 Good to remember: during public holidays – bank holidays – the public transportation operates based on the Sunday schedule. Also, most shops do the same, though in bigger cities, shopping centres usually remain open through the holidays or adapt slightly shorter opening hours.

Offices and banks are usually closed for public holidays or work on reduced capacity.