Pärnu Mud Baths

Source: Mart Vares

West Estonia

Western part of Estonia are surrounded by the Baltic Sea. Here the coastline is peppered with beaches, small seaside villages and holiday resorts with numerous spas. From unspoilt beaches, yacht marinas and larger ports, there are many ways to arrive here and heaps of things to do.

The two main draws for western Estonia are the resort towns of Haapsalu and Pärnu boasting cute wooden architecture and oodles of summer concerts and outdoor terraces. Visitors from Scandinavia and other neighbouring countries know to book early and head to the western coast of Estonia for the sandy beaches and long summer nights.

Western Estonia is also one of the best places for bird watching and animal tracking in the country. Here lies the large Soomaa national park, a temporary home to millions of migratory birds each year. If you howl loudly and listen quietly enough you might even get a response from a local pack of wolves roaming the local forests.