Source: Mart Vares

Culinary experience

Good food is always an experience – a feast for taste buds and joy from enjoying one’s company during a meal. However, there’s a growing number of places popping up in Estonia that offer more than just great food. In these places, you get to find out how food is made and where it grows as well as to

Culinary excursions are very popular. Organised in Tallinn and across Estonia, they are carried out as set programmes as well as tailor-made trips put together based on the specific interests of the customer.

Culinary themes are increasingly enriching museum exhibitions and programmes in an educational and interesting way. No matter the era, significant war or masterpiece – in all of the depicted times and cases, people ate and it goes without saying that culinary traditions say a lot about the spirit and people of each era. For example, a guided tour for gourmands in Pärnu Museum connects expositions with a tasting session of specific era inspired snacks and the Open Air Museum offers Peipus-Russian and Seto culinary culture workshops. In fact, there are many other places filled with culinary history. Such as the Hellenurme watermill with its workshop titled “From water to bread or how flour is made in a mill and bread made in a bakery”, which proudly carried the quality mark EHE given to providers of authentic natural and cultural experiences.

Educational and social entertainment is a culinary workshop led by a professional or amateur chef. Learning doesn’t have to take place only in the city. You can combine a culinary experience with a trip to Estonian nature. For example, Kopli Farm Kitchen in Põlva country and Nautse Mihkli farm in Muhu are well-known culinary training organisers . Another way to get a culinary experience is to visit small producers.

Food can also be tied with an active holiday. Many rural tourism enterprises offer guided mushrooming and berry picking trips as well as fishing trips combined with a cooking class of the freshly picked and caught ingredients.

Food is such a diverse subject that even a person least interested in the secrets of cooking can find a way to make eating interesting. For example, order your feast to an unusual setting or put your taste buds to a test on a blind dinner.

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