Source: Mart Vares


There is no way you can return home without having tried the great ol’ Estonian sauna. The first written records of the sauna date back to the 13th century in Northern Estonia. The custom is refreshing and invigorating as ever and best enjoyed in good company, surrounded by nature.

While UNESCO-listed smoke sauna experience is the most Estonian you can go, we also ‘heat up’ a pretty descent Finnish sauna. There’s nothing better after a long day in the nature than to cover yourself in honey and experience the perhaps a new term in your vocabulary called ‘whisking’, also known as ‘a gentle beating’. 
In contrary to the perhaps alarming description, ‘whisking’ is a healthy exfoliation with birch twigs and an integral part of the authentic Estonian sauna tradition. The many sauna benefits include stress relief and weight loss. Estonians simply love the sauna, and you are bound to find one sizzling in almost every summer cottage, spa and country lodge.

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