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In order to stay healthy, it is good to take a few days off and pamper yourself with treatments that alleviate stress and help you enjoy life more. Estonian spas offer high-quality services and often boast a luxurious atmosphere. Experiences from sweet interiors are magnified by great nature views.

The history of spas in Estonia expands over more than two centuries. In 1813, doctor Benedikt Georg Witte began offering salt and herb baths in Kadriorg, thereby making Tallinn the first resort town in the Russian Empire. This aspect of Tallinn quickly gained popularity among the Russian elite. An attentive Baltic German physician Carl Abraham Hunnius took notice of how Estonians in Haapsalu rubbed sea mud on their bodies to alleviate joint pain. Convinced of its restorative powers, Hunnius opened the renown Mud Baths of Haapsalu in 1825.

Tallinn, Haapsalu, Narva-Jõesuu, Kuressaare and Pärnu, which have a long history as a health vacationing destinations, continue to be highly regarded resort towns to this day. The healing mud found in Estonia is also greatly valued nowadays. In addition to sea mud, be sure to try the unique treatments in Värska, where freshwater mud is combined with mineral water that originates from the depth of half a kilometre below the surface and which has not seen the light of day for over 500 million years.

A lot of spa hotels are delightful for the entire family: younger guests can frolic in fun pools and enjoy treatments developed just for children. Some spas also offer opportunities for working out, these options range from Nordic walking on health trails to sunset yoga classes on the beach. Learn more when booking a spa date.

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