Restaurants in Estonia

International and fusion gourmet food can be enjoyed very inexpensively in Estonia, making this a desired destination for foodies. New and original restaurants pop up regularly in local towns, seaside villages and even in the middle of the forest.

Estonian restaurants are as diverse as the country’s history. Tallinn is a great place to explore the aristocratic flavours of medieval tradesmen, while you can witness a high-end culinary tradition in the making pretty much anywhere you travel in Estonia. Estonian TOP 50 Restaurants is a great guide for any travellers looking to sample Estonian food at its best.

A spoonful of Nordic with a twist
Similarly to Estonian culture, the local taste palate has been infused with the best of our neighbouring countries. Here you'll find traces of Scandinavian, Russian and German kitchens, not to mention other mainstream international influencers such as the French nouvelle cuisine.

An ode to the pure, fresh and seasonal
Estonian chefs, food establishments and retailers have a similar understanding of the nature and future of Estonian cuisine, manifesting loyalty to healthy ingredients cooked into simple dishes that reflect the mastery of Nordic culinary traditions.

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