Beaver observation trip in canoes

Ranna tee 3, Tartu linn, Tartu


We will observe beavers on the Emajõgi River. The canoe trip is for small groups and includes an experienced guide who instructs on both the canoeing and beaver-watching.
There are a lot of brave beavers on the Emajõgi River. If you act correctly, you can see them from very close up.
The trip does not require any special ability or canoeing experience, which means it is also suitable for beginners. We have stable wide-bottomed hiking canoes that are very safe. Besides, the Emajõgi River is a calm river with no waterfalls or other obstacles in the way.

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We start and end in the Ülejõgi district at the end of Lubja tänav next to the quay of the rowing club by the Emajõgi River. The nearest address is Ranna tee 3. There is free parking. You can reach us by car along Ujula tänav by turning onto Lubja tänav.

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  • By car
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