North Estonia

Canoe trip on the River Keila

A canoe trip on the River Keila is a wonderful adventure for escaping the clamour of a city.

For a larger group, we use an extra-large canoe that has enough room for 10 – the group stays together and rowing is more fun. If you wish, we can also use ‘normal’ canoes for 2 or 3 people.

The River Keila is calm, making it a perfect choice for enjoying the journey and the nature. When rowing along the river, you can see traces of activity of the largest rodent in Europe, the beaver, as well as several kinds of water fowl. Often, cattle come to the river to take a look at the canoers. The trip ends in Keila-Joa.


North Estonia

Opening times

1. march - 1. nov

An advanced bookings only


Laulu tn 17a, Kiisa alevik, Saku vald, Harju maakond