Destination Estonia Onlive 2021. Experience edition. NOW RECORDED!

Source: Raul Mee

Destination Estonia Onlive. Experience Edition. NOW RECORDED!

On April 29th everyone who is curious about Estonia as a destination took a ride with Visit Estonia: 45min of live studio presentation on 3 topic sections, followed by 45min of break-out sessions of Natural Nomads' Inner Circle, Flavour Seekers' Club Room, Culture Scouts' Chat Session, Funky MICE, Shaken and Stirred Estonia - the varia session and finnish chat room dedicated to our neighbours in Finland, Cafe Matkakuume.

We welcomed tourism professionals: tour operators, journalists, travel agents or trade media representatives hoping to offer some new angles about Estonia along with the practicalities.
The event and sessions were hosted by Visit Estonia team.

We directed the topics to culture scouts, natural nomads and flavour seekers. 
Yes, it was another online event, but we tried our best to share inspirational and practical info in a way that one does not feel bored!

We promised a recording for the ones who missed it - HERE YOU GO!

We are also preparing a behind the scenes video - stay tuned to check how it all came together!

In case you have any questions on the content or something entirely different, about Estonia - the team is here to answer!

The presentations SLIDES are here in pdf format:

The organising team:

Kadri Gröön

Head of Foreign Media

Jana Kutshinskaja

Foreign Media Project Manager

Kristiina Talisainen

Trade Marketing Manager

Agnia Nast

Trade Marketing Manager