Beach holiday and nature walks

Canoeing on rivers and lakes in Estonia

Between June and early September, Estonia's many sandy beaches, scenic lakes and rivers turn Estonia into a bustling Nordic beach destination. But perhaps you're looking to get away from it all? No problem, Estonia also has so much space and the land is dotted with deserted beaches and swimming spots, many of which are family-friendly and come with playgrounds for the little ones (be sure to read our tips and safety suggestions for public playgrounds).

Many public beaches offer windsurfing and Jet Ski rent too, but a little bit of planning may be required as the use of personal water crafts is not allowed everywhere. More experienced water sports enthusiasts can try sailing and diving into historical wrecks.

Fresh air and inspirational landscapes

Swimming in a bog in Estonia

The mainland and coast of Estonia are often covered with beautiful pine forests and our national parks are easily accessible. A day in the nature could include hiking and camping or taking a cycling trip using the many cycling paths crossing Estonia.

Nature is the most colourful during autumn and spring: as water levels rise high, it is the best time to enjoy canoeing down the rivers in national parks and wild forests. Turn on your GPS and combine it with the adventures of geo-caching passing 1000 local landmarks.

During winter peak time in January and February, Estonia is usually covered with white fluffy snow. Dress up warm and enjoy skiing, snowboarding, sledding or ice skating in the many outdoor areas within Estonian cities and countryside. 

Adrenaline rush

Adventurous and experienced visitors can pick up rock- and ice climbing and skydiving or plan a day out with friends and family in adventure parks, where everyone can test their endurance and climbing skills. This is a great option for kids, as many of these parks have separate tracks for children. 

Karting and paintball can be enjoyed throughout the year, as there are both indoor and outdoor options available.