40,000 young people born in free Estonia to perform this summer

Photo: Jaanus Ree

40,000 young people born in free Estonia to perform this summer

The unique nature of the Estonian Song and Dance Celebrations lies mostly in the joy of coming together. More than 40,000 singers and dancers gather in one field and, together with an audience reaching nearly 100,000 people, form an immense crowd that can only be seen once in a few years. The highlights of the celebrations are spectacular dance performances and powerful song concerts held over the weekend, which bring together different generations of singers and dancers, who gather to Tallinn from across Estonia and even abroad.

A procession will connect the festivities

One of the liveliest forms of expression for the usually reserved Estonians is the procession that passes through the city. Everyone can come and cheer the dancers and singers on as they take the 5-kilometre procession journey. You're sure to have at least a few acquaintances among the participants, be it a former schoolmate, neighbour or a colleague, who you can greet with a joyous cheer.

The procession is also a great opportunity to marvel at gorgeous and colourful Estonian national costumes, donned by dancers, but singers and even spectators as well. The Song and Dance Celebration is a rare instance when one can see an abundance of Estonian patterns and motives from various regions of Estonia.

The Song and Dance Celebration is not a fad, but a matter of the heart

This magical gathering of a small nation reminds every single participant that it is truly great to be an Estonian. Being one among many – singing and breathing in sync with tens of thousands of people makes you feel at one with other Estonians. In that moment, it is clear as day that nothing has curbed our enthusiasm for keeping traditions alive during the last six generations.

The beginning of July is the most beautiful time in Estonia – the nights are brief and the days never-ending. At the peak of the Estonian summer, the Song and Dance Celebrations are often a chance to meet up for families and friends, a chance to gather on a picnic blanket, sing national song and take in the summery sky and a sun setting into the sea.

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