8 reasons why visit Tallinn TV Tower

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8 reasons why visit Tallinn TV Tower

Tallinn TV Tower is the highest building in Estonia, reaching up to 314 metres. The tower originally built for public broadcasting offers in addition to the unique and breathtaking view a myriad of exciting experiences. We will hereby list some of the reasons why visit Tallinn TV Tower.

1. The focal point of revolutionary events – learn about the tower's role in history!

The TV tower was finished by the time of the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games to broadcast the Sailing Competition that took place in Tallinn to the rest of the world. Later, Tallinn TV Tower became one of the most important symbols of Estonian re-independence because this was the place where a number of events took place that were connected with the decision of the Estonian Supreme Soviet on 20 August 1991 to declare Estonia independent from the Soviet Union. The history exhibition gives an excellent overview of the role the TV tower had in the past and the tasks it performs today.

2. Estonia's best of the best!

Estonia is a small country, but only by its area. Our top achievements are not to be modest about! The greatness of the spirit and achievements of the nation is a theme that is presented in the manner of the 21st century Estonia, as an interactive exhibition. The futuristic permanent exhibition gives a gripping overview of the achievement with which Estonians have reached the top of the world. The achievements come from different eras and almost all fields. Learn about the acts or inventions that have brought attention to Estonia throughout the world.

3. The most well-known stained-glass in Estonia and a 3D cinema

Dolores Hoffmann's colourful stained glass window "Television – a window to the world" (1979–1981) portraying the development stages of television and its influence as a modern form of media has found a new home in the cinema hall. A fun experience for the whole family is the thematic movie in the cinema hall on the 2nd floor of the tower. It is the first Estonian 3D movie and its author is the Oscar nominated Estonian talent, Tanel Toom.

4. Become a television personality. Do you have what it takes to be a news anchor?

The best way to find out is to actually put it to a test. In the television studio of the tower, you can introduce an amusing few minute long news story and e-mail it to your friend wherever they may be. In the studio room, you can choose between five different news stories, but you may also congratulate someone on their birthday, wedding or some other important event and thereby give your friend a pleasant surprise.

5. Edge walking

Edge walking is an extreme attraction of the television tower at 175 metres above ground or at the edge of the highest observation platform in Northern Europe. With safety harnesses attached, a total of four people can circle around the tower at a time. The unique attraction in the whole of Europe offers an unforgettable experience and helps one to overcome the quite common fear of heights. However, since safety is important, the edge walking availability is dependent on the weather conditions. If the weather is not good enough, your adrenaline rush will be provided by the floor windows of the 20th floor through which a view of 170 metres to the ground below is unclosed and by the outside terrace of the 21st floor.

6. There is a unique playground for children outside

The unique building also has a unique playground. There are four different attractions good for children's development in the yard of the television tower for children to have fun with: a climbing area, rope slide, ground game of lights and planetarium. The yard also welcomes families to come and spend time in it during the opening hours of the tower.

7. New and exciting exhibitions

In addition to the permanent exhibition, the Tallinn TV tower displays different exhibitions every year on various topics. The exhibitions about radios, space, art, the Soviet times and many more have received positive feedback, and the tower will certainly continue its custom of welcoming travelling exhibitions.

8. High quality service

Part of the visitor's experience is certainly provided by the building itself, but the full spectrum of the memorable visit is created with the assistance of the servicing staff of the tower, who year after year receive praises and prizes for their excellent performance.

A tower full of experiences which inspire smartness in you!

Last updated : 22.04.2021

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