Celebrate like a local

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Celebrate like a local

In 2018, the Republic of Estonia will celebrate its 100th anniversary. This is a significant event, which has everyone involved in the celebrations – communities in big cities as well as the smallest communities across Estonia.

It is no secret that Estonians, like other Northerners, tend to be reserved people. During the Jubilee year however, communities have opened their doors and hearts to well-wishing visitors. This a rare opportunity to experience local customs and traditions.

You might have to work a little to find the village where Jubilee parties are held, but the discovery will definitely be worth it. Visitors are expected across Estonia, in villages, by the sea, in forests, close by and in remote places alike. 

What is a real Estonian party like?

It will certainly have the blue-black-white flag hoisted, an abundance of tasty dishes made by villagers themselves, musicians playing instruments and village swings awaiting adventurous people. Young maidens will wear wreaths in their hair and folks will also be wearing national clothing.

This kind of Estonia100 village parties allow visitors to witness and experience true Estonian life. After a party like this, you won't be a visitor anymore, but someone who can say that they too have their own village in Estonia.

The initiative "Estonia100 in every village" brings all these places and parties together. Partygoers can visit:

  • Kalamaja, where Kalamaja Days will be held on 19 May. This street celebration includes presentation of the Estonia100 gift by the Kalamaja community, the community book "Stories of Kalamaja".
  • Pääsna Village in Põlva County. A big Estonia100 village party will be held on 23 June, activities include planting trees, a theatre performance, live music and a Midsummer bonfire.
  • Sadala Village in Jõgeva County. Everyone is welcome at a village party on July 14. The celebration includes music and dancing and marks the official opening of the Sadala bandshell and flag square.

Visit the Estonia100 website too see all the parties of "Estonia100 in every village".

Last updated : 16.05.2018

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