Estonian Youth Song and Dance Celebration “Here I'll stay”

Source: Noorte laulu- ja tantsupidu

Estonian Youth Song and Dance Celebration “Here I'll stay”

  •   Source: Noorte laulu- ja tantsupidu

The song and dance celebration with its 150 years of tradition is part of UNESCO world cultural heritage. The Song and Dance Celebration takes place four times in a decade and will, from 30 June to 2 July 2017, bring tens of thousands choir singers, musicians and folk dancers to perform at the Estonian capital.

The 12th Estonian Youth Song and Dance Celebration, held in June this year, is titled "Here I'll stay". 30 thousand choir singers and musicians will perform the works of Estonian top composers at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. Among those will be the creations of the internationally renowned Estonian composer Veljo Tormis, as well as works of the younger generation, including those of jazz musician Kadri Voorand and folk musician Eeva Talsi. The immense audience of nearly 100,000 people, who never fear to sing along, makes for a very special atmosphere.

Performances of Dance Celebrations are held at the Kalevi stadium. Folk dancers perform traditional Estonian folk dances, for which beautiful modern choreography has been created. One of the highlights of the Song and Dance Celebration is the procession, which passes the main streets of Tallinn and reaches the Song Festival Grounds, thereby uniting the Dance and the Song Celebrations. The procession is attended by all the performers and thousands of spectators who have come to the streets to welcome the singers and dancers.

Song and Dance Celebrations have become the symbol of Estonian culture and identity. These celebrations have been organised for 150 years, they have helped create national unity and carry hope of our country's independence during the years of the Soviet occupation. Therefore, Song and Dance Celebrations continue to be very popular and are often a chance to meet for friends and families who live in Estonia and elsewhere.

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