Insider guide to Tallinn speakeasies

Source: Mariann Liimal, Visit Estonia

Insider guide to Tallinn speakeasies

Speakeasies are all the rage at the moment and for a good reason. These private venues cater for a selected crowd of cocktail lovers. Here you can sample local artisan cocktail making and more, while enjoying an intimate atmosphere away from the crowds. Plan your visit carefully though, as speakeasies tend to be open only on specific days of the week and might be booked during peak hours.

Botaanik is an Estonian word for botanist, serving up a menu of local and more exotic herbal liquor including basil, thyme, peppermint, wild carrot, Iceland moss and wild strawberry. This little speakeasy is tucked away on a quiet backstreet of Tallinn Old Town and you might not even notice its existence during the day.

Dissident Cocktails & Curiosity

Located in the backyard of Tallinn Prison, this former auto body shop turned alternative cocktail bar is perhaps the most unconventional speakeasy you'll find in Tallinn. Formed by freelance cocktail masters, the bar attracts a regular crowd and encourages mingling and sociable atmosphere.

Whisper Sister
Follow a small gold plaque on the door with a number to call to be let it. This sought after cocktail venue boasts a living room style bar and a large circular space with booth-like seating for privacy. The bar, which is inspired by 1920s New York, offers special experiences as well as timeless classics. Whisper Sister is definitely on the more refined end of speakeasies in Tallinn, so dressing up a bit won't hurt your chances of getting a table.

Speakeasy by Põhjala

Photo sourced from Visit Tallinn

Although one might be a bit sceptical about a bar named "speakeasy" - after all the unwritten rule of a speakeasy is to sound as unassuming as possible - this quirky joint provides a backdoor experience to a much loved Estonian craft brewery. Located in a quiet, hip neighbourhood of North Tallinn, here you can sample small batches of specialty beer that are not available for wholesale. 

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