Legendary Muhu Väin regatta in Estonia

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Legendary Muhu Väin regatta in Estonia

The famous annual one week long Moonsund Regatta (Muhu Väin) on the Baltic Sea celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, starting in Estonia and finishing in Latvia. It will bring together around 800 sailors with big and small boats, plastic and wooden, racers and hippies, locals and international sailors, and the young and old, to sail Estonian waters. This is a true sea festival with stop-overs and entertainment every evening in different marina – and the best part – you can join in too.

Photos by: Piret Salmistu and Hiiumaamudeliklubi

Moonsund Regatta was born from a local initiative in 1958 in Tallinn, Estonia. Borders were closed, access to coastal areas forbidden, and the freedom of sailing repressed during the Soviet occupation. But some smart sailors from Kalev Yacht Club in Tallinn found a way to enjoy both sailing and racing while exploring the local coastline, by organising an officially approved regatta, from the north to the south of Estonia, and through the straits and small islands of the west coast of Estonia. With each year the number of participants increased, new classes were added and the regatta became the most anticipated yachting event of the year, and it has remained so until today, with over 120 boats from different classes.

All sorts of boats racing from Pärnu to Saaremaa

Photo by: Piret Salmistu

Haapsalu, the small seaside resort town located on the west coast of Estonia, is proud to be the starting point for this year's event with the opening ceremony on the 7th of July. Sailors, after giving the final pre-race touch to their boats, set sail and head through the beautiful Väinameri strait, a spectacular backdrop with over 300 of islands and small islets, full of birds and legendary sea stories. Stopovers will be made in Muhu Island and the true sea-wolf island of Saaremaa, packed with events organised by locals including performances from Estonia's best known artists. After the next stopover in beautiful Kihnu Island, whose cultural space and traditions are proclaimed by UNESCO, and the Estonian summer capital Pärnu, the sailors will head further south to finish this long and eventful regatta in the Old Town of Riga - the capital city of Latvia.

All-girls team Equipe du Piloilleri III

Photo by: Piret Salmistu

Besides offering you a great opportunity to sail in Estonia, socialise with friendly but competitive sailors, explore local coastlines and marinas while racing, the best stories to later tell at home are born here. For example, a video shot by the media crew of a spin rescue during the race, with real-time mast walk, went viral last year.

Moonsund Regatta is an unmissable occasion for any sea lover – both sailors and spectators. The event can be watched from the marinas, or follow sailors through its live GPS-tracking website, and live TV broadcasts are broadcast. The best way to participate, is of course by joining in with your own boat and crew or just find a friendly boat through their Facebook page and sail with them.

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