Mextonia - A Gift from Mexicans to Estonia

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Mextonia - A Gift from Mexicans to Estonia

Mextonia is the worldwide festival of Transgraffiti Muralism, inspired in the 20th century Mexican muralism and created by street artists and graffiti writers from Estonia, México and the world.

Produced by Todoesuno Eesti from Estonia and Nueve Arte Urbano from Mexico, endorsed by the Governmental Committee to Estonia 100; Mextonia celebrates the Estonian cultural roots by creating "Symbols of Cultural Identity", while cleansing damaged walls and reuniting artists with graffiti writers, authorities and neighbors towards a common goal: to orderly express love for humanity, cultural diversity and Estonia.

During the festival (June 14-22 in Tallinn), over 30 murals will be delivered as a gift to Estonia by joint effort of over 50 talented and passionate artists from Estonia, Mexico and all over the world. To name a few: Farid Rueda, Himed, Reyben, Sens, Sermob from Mexico, Cinzah and Aaron Glasson from New Zealand, Five8 from Canada, Boa Mistura from Spain. In addition to emerging young artists from Estonia, also core of the best Estonian street artist are participating.

We embrace culture as the linked tissue of meaning and symbols that connect individuals with each other and into a society, everything that identifies a group of people, the reason of why we speak certain language, eat specific meals and celebrate some special dates, and dress in a certain way. But most important, culture determines our way of thinking and how we interpret reality.

We want to discover a meeting point where culture is the main mechanism of progress and which international differences are the central element of learning and linkage that fulfills the spirit of the entire mankind. Mextonia Festival is that exact meeting point.
Come and join us in the gifting either by donating, giving support to the artists during the hard work during painting, join into the intercultural blending, say a supportive word or give a friendly smile.

Collection of over 30 murals will be your new route in Tallinn learning about Estonian culture.

Last updated : 21.11.2017