Northern music festival Viru Folk

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Northern music festival Viru Folk

During 10-12 August, the music festival Viru Folk is held for the 11th time in one of the most beautiful places in Estonia, Lahemaa National Park's captain's village Käsmu. To celebrate the centenary of the Republic of Estonia, this year's festival is dedicated to Estonian music and culture.

This year's line-up of great Estonian music includes Metsatöll, Zetod, Naised Köögis, Curly Strings, Puuluup, Pööriöö, Estonian Voices, Kukerpillid, Johansonid, Svjata Vjatra, Mandotrio, Kiriko, Sööt & Maaker, Sibul & Tuksam, Tiit Born & Helin-Mari Arder, Aapo Ilves & Alar Kriisa, Lauri Saatpalu, and many other wonderful musicians.

Music of Estonian diaspora is represented by the creations of Peeter Kopvillem, performed by Petter's daughters Keila and Leiki musicians from the bands Ultima Thule, Justament and Jäääär, Vaiko Eplik, etc. Several artists from our neighbouring countries will perform as well, Nova from St. Petersburg, Auli form Latvia and Tuuletar from Findland among them.

In addition to the music programme, the festival will also include a great selection of films and theatre performances in the community centre of Käsmu. The children's programme offers different workshops and toddler's mornings as well as fun time with characters from the Lotte films.

Three recommendations at Viru Folk

  • Peeter Kopvillem’s song gala

When Peeter Kopvillem, an Estonian expat, left us last May, it became evident that he had a lot more fans than could have been expected. A memorial concert organised by Peeter’s musician friends in the August of 2016 filled up the KUMU auditorium so that a lot of people were left outside.

Couplet songs by Peeter’s father Olaf Kopvillem, which reached Estonian people from America in the form of secret recordings, gained popularity for their striking satire. Nevertheless, Peeter’s creations were not overshadowed by his father’s. Peeter made music in addition to his day job, even managing to record and give concerts with fellow musicians. Those recordings reached Estonia as well and when radio “KUKU” was created in after Estonia regained its independence, not a day went by without the morning show starting with Peeter’s “Kuku sa kägu” song. The same record included songs like “Mari”, “Tule mu’ga välja”, “Läbi päeva ja öö”, which became big hits, and a more unique “Tundmatu külaline”, the subtext of which refer to the darker side of both the Soviet and capitalistic reality. Kopvillem’s first album, which came out in 1984 in Canada, was made mostly by Kopvillem himself, with help from Andrus Aruvald on percussion instruments and some backup singers. Kopvillem’s visits to Estonia helped him forge friendships with Estonian musicians, with whom he created a lot of music. 

On Saturday, 11 August, at 13:30, a gala concert will be held on the main stage of Viru Folk, where Peeter’s songs are performed by his musician friends and his daughters Keila and Leiki. The performers also include Vaiko Eplik, musicians from the bands Ultima Thule, Justament and Jäääär.

  • Eireeesti

An Estonian-Irish joint concert will be held as the final concert of this year’s festival, on Sunday, 12 August at 18:00, in order to commemorate the extensive cultural exchange between Estonians and the Irish that took place 30 years ago and included all of this year’s performers at the particular concert. These performers are Kärt, Ants, Mart and Jaak Johanson, Krista Citra Joonas, Dave Murphy, and the band Kukerpillid.

  • Ahto. Chasing a Dream

A documentary about Ahto Valter, a big dreamer, adventurer and sailor, whose journey around the world on an eponymous sailboat makes young boys yearn for adventure, ladies write love letters and reporters follow him everywhere. Nobody could quite understand what motivated Ahto in his great pursuits. The hero's restless mind, hardships over the years spent chasing dreams and failures experienced on the way open up in a film that uses unique archive material to study the desires and challenges of an explorer from the previous century. This colourful journey around the world can be observed thanks to the diaries of the protagonist and his father and the unique film footage that was recorded during the journey. This is a story of an adventurer's life, of becoming a sailor and a man, and a film about the world he had to struggle against to fulfil his dream.

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