Northern music festival Viru Folk

Photo: Marleen Valdmaa, Visit Estonia

Northern music festival Viru Folk

During 10-12 August, the music festival Viru Folk is held for the 10th time in one of the most beautiful places in Estonia, Lahemaa National Park's captain's village Käsmu

Concerts are given by various Finnish musicians: Kimmo Pohjonen, Värttina, Fintroll, Topi Saha, Hermanni Turkki, Wimme Saari, and many more. But there is no shortage of Estonians either, because of the attendance of the cream of our folk musicians: Mick Pedaja, Dagö, Mari Jürjens, Kristjan Üksküla, Untsakad, Indigolapsed, Öösorr, Mari Kalkun & Runorun, Põhja Konn, Antsud, Rüüt, and many more.

In addition to musical programmes, the festival shows a great selection of Finnish movies in the community centre of Käsmu. The children's programme offers different workshops and toddler's mornings as well as fun time with characters from the Moominvalley. The exhibition "Sea Without Borders" in Käsmu Sea Museum will provide pleasure for the mind and the environmental programme will offer walks to some of the special places on the Käsmu Peninsula.

As the central theme of the festival is Finnish culture, we have gathered together behind the Käsmu Sea Museum different saunas that should be a cause for excitement for even the most experienced steam bathing enthusiasts. The Sauna street of Käsmu will have a sauna truck, a uniquely-shaped sauna boat, Pariisi Holiday Village's barrel sauna, a barrel bath and Järva Jaani's Antique Technology Sanctuary's firetruck sauna that is one of the most legendary mobile saunas. The saunas are open on the first two days of the festival and it is useful to pay attention which of the body therapy facilities arrive and which depart.

The sauna visitors can also enjoy the exhibition of sauna vehicles in the Kadrina Sauna Museum.

Three recommendations at Viru Folk

  • Mari Kalkun and Runorun

Mari Kalkun is a zither player and singer from Võrumaa who has for the last five years been collaborating with the band Runorun. The collaboration between the musicians Maija Kauhanen, Nathan Riki Thomson and Tatu Viitala or Runorun started when Mari studied traditional music in the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. Their music is inspired by runic songs, contemporary poetry and Finno-Ugric music. In addition to Võro language, the dialects of Seto and Muhu, Estonian and their little-known relatives Votic and Livonian languages can also be heard.

  • Kimmo Pohjonen Skin

The Finnish accordion virtuoso, Kimmo Pohjanen, has gained recognition in the world with his unique sound and stage performance. His unique instrument, primordial voice, sound effects, samples and light show make the listeners experience something extremely captivating and one of a kind. The visionary with unlimited energy, Kimmo Pohjanen, has 40 years of experience in different styles of music, from folk to rock and classical music.
In Käsmu, he performs with his beautiful daughters and the musical project Kimmo Pohjanen Skin that has not performed in Estonia before.

  • Moomintroll, Sniff and Little My

For the first time in history, Moomintroll, Sniff and Little My come to Estonia from Moominvalley in Naantali. They perform on the Lighthouse stage that is in the harbour next to the Käsmu Maritime Museum, an environment that is strongly reminiscent of the Moominvalley we know from Tove Jansson's books. Moomintroll and their friends give small performances throughout the three day period with every small child and big fan having the time to see and hug them.

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